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Whats up guys hello i am asif khan whats your name please comment in comment box in this article we will learn how to connect pages on web home page so lets talk what is advantage of pages

Advantage of pages?

Mainly we make blog for learning and earning so,main source of earning is adsense tha adsense says for approval for non-hosted or website minimum contain 30 article and 4 pages also so we make pages on blog for fastest approval this pages help for your visitors to make easy to know what you provide in your website mainly we are make 5 pages for blog like home page,contact us,privacy policy,disclaimer so,this 4 pages we will make mainly but more pages you make but this pages not main in blog so lets talk about pages

Role of pages on blog?

privacy policy page will help in many work like what you do with user information how to use user information and what is your policy on your website what work you do for us and many ways privacy policy page role a main page in your blog and also contact us will help your users and you to give mail and give information what your users say to you and users are use this page for contact with you and about us page help in users to check what person held this website and disclaimer help in how to work on this website so lets learn how to add this pages on home drop down menu.

1} open blogger

2} check sidebar and click on layout

3} click on menu bar

4} click on title and give title

5} go to pages and click on view

6} copy tha url from search bar

7} back to blogger and click on layout then click on menu and      resume after title

8} click on url and cut older url and paste url 

9}click on add link

10} click on save button

11} click on save arrangment 

12} then same process on other pages to link on home page dropdown menu

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